ST_TileEnvelope — Creates a rectangular Polygon in Web Mercator (SRID:3857) using the XYZ tile system.


geometry ST_TileEnvelope(integer tileZoom, integer tileX, integer tileY, geometry bounds=SRID=3857;LINESTRING(-20037508.342789 -20037508.342789,20037508.342789 20037508.342789), float margin=0.0);


Creates a rectangular Polygon giving the extent of a tile in the XYZ tile system. The tile is specifed by the zoom level Z and the XY index of the tile in the grid at that level. Can be used to define the tile bounds required by ST_AsMVTGeom to convert geometry into the MVT tile coordinate space.

By default, the tile envelope is in the Web Mercator coordinate system (SRID:3857) using the standard range of the Web Mercator system (-20037508.342789, 20037508.342789). This is the most common coordinate system used for MVT tiles. The optional bounds parameter can be used to generate tiles in any coordinate system. It is a geometry that has the SRID and extent of the "Zoom Level zero" square within which the XYZ tile system is inscribed.

The optional margin parameter can be used to expand a tile by the given percentage. E.g. margin=0.125 expands the tile by 12.5%, which is equivalent to buffer=512 when the tile extent size is 4096, as used in ST_AsMVTGeom. This is useful to create a tile buffer to include data lying outside of the tile's visible area, but whose existence affects the tile rendering. For example, a city name (a point) could be near an edge of a tile, so its label should be rendered on two tiles, even though the point is located in the visible area of just one tile. Using expanded tiles in a query will include the city point in both tiles. Use a negative value to shrink the tile instead. Values less than -0.5 are prohibited because that would eliminate the tile completely. Do not specify a margin when using with ST_AsMVTGeom. See the example for ST_AsMVT.

Mejorada: 2.0.0 se agregó el parámetro por defecto opcional srid.

Disponibilidad: 2.1.0

Ejemplo: Contruir un poligono correspondiente a la bounding box

SELECT ST_AsText( ST_TileEnvelope(2, 1, 1) );

 POLYGON((-10018754.1713945 0,-10018754.1713945 10018754.1713945,0 10018754.1713945,0 0,-10018754.1713945 0))

SELECT ST_AsText( ST_TileEnvelope(3, 1, 1, ST_MakeEnvelope(-180, -90, 180, 90, 4326) ) );

 POLYGON((-135 45,-135 67.5,-90 67.5,-90 45,-135 45))

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