PostGIS 3.4 SFCGAL Cheatsheet

New in this release 1 Enhanced in this release 2   Aggregate agg    Requires GEOS (3.9,3.10,3.11,3.12) or higher g3.9   2.5/3D support 3d   SQL-MMmm   Supports geography G
SFCGAL Functions
postgis_sfcgal_version  3d ()    Returns the version of SFCGAL in use
postgis_sfcgal_full_version  3d ()    Returns the full version of SFCGAL in use including CGAL and Boost versions
ST_3DArea  mm  3d (geom1)    Computes area of 3D surface geometries. Will return 0 for solids.
ST_3DConvexHull  3d (geom1)    Computes the 3D convex hull of a geometry.
ST_3DIntersection  mm  3d (geom1, geom2)    Perform 3D intersection
ST_3DDifference  mm  3d (geom1, geom2)    Perform 3D difference
ST_3DUnion  mm  3d    Perform 3D union.
  1. geom1, geom2
  2. g1field agg
ST_AlphaShape (geom, alpha, allow_holes = false)    Computes an Alpha-shape enclosing a geometry
ST_ApproximateMedialAxis  3d (geom)    Compute the approximate medial axis of an areal geometry.
ST_ConstrainedDelaunayTriangles  3d (g1)    Return a constrained Delaunay triangulation around the given input geometry.
ST_Extrude  3d (geom, x, y, z)    Extrude a surface to a related volume
ST_ForceLHR  3d (geom)    Force LHR orientation
ST_IsPlanar  3d (geom)    Check if a surface is or not planar
ST_IsSolid  3d (geom1)    Test if the geometry is a solid. No validity check is performed.
ST_MakeSolid  3d (geom1)    Cast the geometry into a solid. No check is performed. To obtain a valid solid, the input geometry must be a closed Polyhedral Surface or a closed TIN.
ST_MinkowskiSum (geom1, geom2)    Performs Minkowski sum
ST_OptimalAlphaShape (geom, allow_holes = false, nb_components = 1)    Computes an Alpha-shape enclosing a geometry using an "optimal" alpha value.
ST_Orientation  3d (geom)    Determine surface orientation
ST_StraightSkeleton  3d (geom)    Compute a straight skeleton from a geometry
ST_Tesselate  3d (geom)    Perform surface Tesselation of a polygon or polyhedralsurface and returns as a TIN or collection of TINS
ST_Volume  mm  3d (geom1)    Computes the volume of a 3D solid. If applied to surface (even closed) geometries will return 0.