postgis.gdal_datapath — A configuration option to assign the value of GDAL's GDAL_DATA option. If not set, the environmentally set GDAL_DATA variable is used.


A PostgreSQL GUC variable for setting the value of GDAL's GDAL_DATA option. The postgis.gdal_datapath value should be the complete physical path to GDAL's data files.

This configuration option is of most use for Windows platforms where GDAL's data files path is not hard-coded. This option should also be set when GDAL's data files are not located in GDAL's expected path.


This option can be set in PostgreSQL's configuration file postgresql.conf. It can also be set by connection or transaction.

Availability: 2.2.0


Additional information about GDAL_DATA is available at GDAL's Configuration Options.


Set and reset postgis.gdal_datapath

SET postgis.gdal_datapath TO '/usr/local/share/gdal.hidden';
SET postgis.gdal_datapath TO default;

Setting on windows for a particular database

SET postgis.gdal_datapath = 'C:/Program Files/PostgreSQL/9.3/gdal-data';

See Also

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