ST_EstimatedExtent — Return the 'estimated' extent of a spatial table.


box2d ST_EstimatedExtent(text schema_name, text table_name, text geocolumn_name, boolean parent_only);

box2d ST_EstimatedExtent(text schema_name, text table_name, text geocolumn_name);

box2d ST_EstimatedExtent(text table_name, text geocolumn_name);


Return the 'estimated' extent of the given spatial table. The estimated is taken from the geometry column's statistics. The current schema will be used if not specified. The default behavior is to also use statistics collected from child tables (tables with INHERITS) if available. If 'parent_only' is set to TRUE, only statistics for the given table are used and child tables are ignored.

For PostgreSQL>=8.0.0 statistics are gathered by VACUUM ANALYZE and resulting extent will be about 95% of the real one.


In absence of statistics (empty table or no ANALYZE called) this function returns NULL. Prior to version 1.5.4 an exception was thrown instead.

For PostgreSQL<8.0.0 statistics are gathered by update_geometry_stats() and resulting extent will be exact.

Availability: 1.0.0

Changed: 2.1.0. Up to 2.0.x this was called ST_Estimated_Extent.

This method supports Circular Strings and Curves


SELECT ST_EstimatedExtent('ny', 'edges', 'the_geom');
BOX(-8877653 4912316,-8010225.5 5589284)

SELECT ST_EstimatedExtent('feature_poly', 'the_geom');
BOX(-124.659652709961 24.6830825805664,-67.7798080444336 49.0012092590332)

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