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Howard Hughes Medical Institute

As a software engineer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, I work on a collaborative neuron reconstruction and analysis software called CATMAID 1 (screenshot: 3), which is used for neuroscience research. We use PostGIS to represent neurons in a 3D space.

They consist of 3D points that reference their parent nodes or are the root [=soma of neuron] if they have no parent). Together with synapses, point clouds and TIN meshes for modeling compartments in a dataset, they model the spatial aspects of our neuroscience world. Users create those neuron reconstructions manually in a collaborative fashion plus segmentation programs can be used as additional data source. Using its spatial indices, PostGIS helps us to quickly query neurons in a particular field of view. The space of a single project contains sometimes 100s of millions of interconnected individual points. We also do bounding box intersection queries between neurons and compartment meshes, which then refine in the front-end by doing more precise intersection tests.

This software is used by quite a few research labs and as far as I know they all do their own hosting with a dedicated server and this is what we do as well. The reason being mainly that wth larger datasets, we benefit from machines with a lot of RAM (>256G), fast SSD/NVMe drives and many CPUs as well as fast local data access for e.g. image data.

Thanks so much for making PostGIS work well in non-GIS contexts too—-it makes my life much easier!

Vanguard Appraisals

Vanguard Appraisals is new to the GIS world. In fact, we aren’t really in the GIS world; we just kind of brush up against it. We do mass property appraisal for entire county and city jurisdictions, and we develop software to collect, price and maintain values. We also host assessment data online so that homeowners can search and find property information much simpler from the comfort of their own home. Our software and websites are used in 7 states (IA, IL, MN, MO, NE, ND, SD).

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Nautilytics Case Study

Nautilytics is a small data visualization and GIS startup based out of Boston, MA. We use PostGIS and PostgreSQL, among other open-source tools to build powerful web applications for US government organizations, public, and private sector companies.

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PostGIS for fast prototyping and Research

I used extensively postgis (+ecosystem) for my phd thesis, in several ways. The first is that PostGIS is a good steady horse (elephant?): a database is the perfect place to store a lot of very different information in the same place and put them in relation. For geospatial data, postgis means you always have a way to put data in relation (are they at the same place?).

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Plenario (Univeristy of Chicago)

The Urban Center for Computation and Data (UrbanCCD) is a research initiative of Argonne National Laboratory and the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago. We create computational tools to better understand cities. One of these is Plenario, our hub for open geospatial data. PostGIS makes the spatial operations at the heart of Plenario possible.

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