The latest source code and companion user doc releases are:

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Refer to our Version compatibility and EOL Policy for details.

Versions that have reached end of life can still be downloaded from PostGIS source tar balls.

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A complete set of historical releases are available in the source download directory. Logos are available in the logo directory.

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Compiling Source

For platform specific compilation instructions refer to Compile and Install for various Operating Systems.

To build from source, you will need a complete installation of PostgreSQL, either built and installed from source itself, or including the development headers and utilities. For Linux users, that means installing the postgresql-devel or postgresql-dev packages as well as the base packages.

You will also need to install and/or build GEOS, Proj, GDAL, LibXML2 and JSON-C.

1tar xvzf postgis-3.3.1.tar.gz
2cd postgis-3.3.1
5make install