ST_AsMVT — Return a Mapbox Vector Tile representation of a set of rows.


bytea ST_AsMVT(text name, int4 extent, text geom_name, anyelement row);


Return a Mapbox Vector Tile representation of a set of rows corresponding to a Layer. Multiple calls can be concatenated to a tile with multiple Layers. Geometry is assumed to be in tile coordinate space and valid as per specification. Typically ST_AsMVTGeom can be used to transform geometry into tile coordinate space. Other row data will be encoded as attributes.

The Mapbox Vector Tile format can store features with a different set of attributes per feature. To make use of this feature supply a JSONB column in the row data containing Json objects one level deep. The keys and values in the object will be parsed into feature attributes.

name is the name of the Layer

extent is the tile extent in screen space as defined by the specification. If NULL it will default to 4096.

geom_name is the name of the geometry column in the row data.

row row data with at least a geometry column.

Availability: 2.4.0


SELECT ST_AsMVT('test', 4096, 'geom', q) FROM (SELECT 1 AS c1,
    ST_AsMVTGeom(ST_GeomFromText('POLYGON ((35 10, 45 45, 15 40, 10 20, 35 10), (20 30, 35 35, 30 20, 20 30))'),
    ST_MakeBox2D(ST_Point(0, 0), ST_Point(4096, 4096)), 4096, 0, false) AS geom) AS q;


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