ST_VoronoiLines — Returns the boundaries of the Voronoi diagram of the vertices of a geometry.


geometry ST_VoronoiLines( g1 geometry , tolerance float8 , extend_to geometry );


ST_VoronoiLines computes a two-dimensional Voronoi diagram from the vertices of the supplied geometry and returns the boundaries between cells in that diagram as a MultiLineString. Returns null if input geometry is null. Returns an empty geometry collection if the input geometry contains only one vertex. Returns an empty geometry collection if the extend_to envelope has zero area.

Optional parameters:

  • 'tolerance' : The distance within which vertices will be considered equivalent. Robustness of the algorithm can be improved by supplying a nonzero tolerance distance. (default = 0.0)

  • 'extend_to' : If a geometry is supplied as the "extend_to" parameter, the diagram will be extended to cover the envelope of the "extend_to" geometry, unless that envelope is smaller than the default envelope (default = NULL, default envelope is boundingbox of input geometry extended by about 50% in each direction).

Performed by the GEOS module.

Availability: 2.3.0


Voronoi lines with tolerance of 30 units

SELECT ST_VoronoiLines(geom, 30) As geom
FROM (SELECT 'MULTIPOINT (50 30, 60 30, 100 100,10 150, 110 120)'::geometry As geom ) As g

 -- ST_AsText output
MULTILINESTRING((135.555555555556 270,36.8181818181818 92.2727272727273),(36.8181818181818 92.2727272727273,-110 43.3333333333333),(230 -45.7142857142858,36.8181818181818 92.2727272727273))

See Also

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