ST_TileEnvelope — Creates a rectangular Polygon in Web Mercator (SRID:3857) using the XYZ tile system.


geometry ST_TileEnvelope(integer tileZoom, integer tileX, integer tileY, geometry bounds=SRID=3857;LINESTRING(-20037508.342789 -20037508.342789,20037508.342789 20037508.342789), float margin=0.0);


Creates a rectangular Polygon in Web Mercator (SRID:3857) using the XYZ tile system. By default, the bounds are the in EPSG:3857 using the standard range of the Web Mercator system (-20037508.342789, 20037508.342789). The optional bounds parameter can be used to generate envelopes for any tiling scheme: provide a geometry that has the SRID and extent of the initial "zoom level zero" square within which the tile system is to be inscribed.

The optional margin parameter can be used to grow a tile by the given percentage, e.g. margin=0.125 grows the tile by 12.5%, which is equivalent to buffer=512 when extent is 4096, as used in ST_AsMVTGeom. This is useful to create a tile buffer -- to include data lying outside of the tile's visible area, but whose existence affects current tile's rendering. For example, a city name (a geopoint) could be near an edge of a tile, but the text would need to render on two tiles, even though the geopoint is located in the visible area of just one tile. Using an expanded tile in a search would include the city geopoint for both tiles. Use negative value to shrink the tile instead. Values less than -0.5 are prohibited because that would eliminate the tile completely. Do not use margin with ST_AsMVTGeom(). See example in ST_AsMVT.

Enhanced: 3.1.0 Added margin parameter.

Availability: 3.0.0

Example: Building a tile envelope

SELECT ST_AsText( ST_TileEnvelope(2, 1, 1) );

 POLYGON((-10018754.1713945 0,-10018754.1713945 10018754.1713945,0 10018754.1713945,0 0,-10018754.1713945 0))

SELECT ST_AsText( ST_TileEnvelope(3, 1, 1, ST_MakeEnvelope(-180, -90, 180, 90, 4326) ) );

 POLYGON((-135 45,-135 67.5,-90 67.5,-90 45,-135 45))

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