ST_LineFromWKB — Makes a LINESTRING from WKB with the given SRID


geometry ST_LineFromWKB(bytea WKB);

geometry ST_LineFromWKB(bytea WKB, integer srid);


The ST_LineFromWKB function, takes a well-known binary representation of geometry and a Spatial Reference System ID (SRID) and creates an instance of the appropriate geometry type - in this case, a LINESTRING geometry. This function plays the role of the Geometry Factory in SQL.

If an SRID is not specified, it defaults to 0. NULL is returned if the input bytea does not represent a LINESTRING.


OGC SPEC - option SRID is from the conformance suite.


If you know all your geometries are LINESTRINGs, its more efficient to just use ST_GeomFromWKB. This function just calls ST_GeomFromWKB and adds additional validation that it returns a linestring.

This method implements the OGC Simple Features Implementation Specification for SQL 1.1. s3.2.6.2

This method implements the SQL/MM specification. SQL-MM 3: 7.2.9


SELECT ST_LineFromWKB(ST_AsBinary(ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING(1 2, 3 4)'))) AS aline,
		ST_LineFromWKB(ST_AsBinary(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(1 2)'))) IS NULL AS null_return;
aline                            | null_return
010200000002000000000000000000F ... | t

See Also

ST_GeomFromWKB, ST_LinestringFromWKB