ST_IsValidDetail — Returns a valid_detail row stating if a geometry is valid or if not a reason and a location.


valid_detail ST_IsValidDetail(geometry geom, integer flags);


Returns a valid_detail row, containing a boolean (valid) stating if a geometry is valid, a varchar (reason) stating a reason why it is invalid and a geometry (location) pointing out where it is invalid.

Useful to improve on the combination of ST_IsValid and ST_IsValidReason to generate a detailed report of invalid geometries.

The optional flags parameter is a bitfield. It can have the following values:

  • 0: Use usual OGC SFS validity semantics.

  • 1: Consider certain kinds of self-touching rings (inverted shells and exverted holes) as valid. This is also known as "the ESRI flag", since this is the validity model used by those tools. Note that this is invalid under the OGC model.

Performed by the GEOS module.

Availability: 2.0.0


--First 3 Rejects from a successful quintuplet experiment
SELECT gid, reason(ST_IsValidDetail(geom)), ST_AsText(location(ST_IsValidDetail(geom))) as location
(SELECT ST_MakePolygon(ST_ExteriorRing(e.buff), array_agg(f.line)) As geom, gid
FROM (SELECT ST_Buffer(ST_Point(x1*10,y1), z1) As buff, x1*10 + y1*100 + z1*1000 As gid
	FROM generate_series(-4,6) x1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(2,5) y1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(1,8) z1
	WHERE x1 > y1*0.5 AND z1 < x1*y1) As e
	INNER JOIN (SELECT ST_Translate(ST_ExteriorRing(ST_Buffer(ST_Point(x1*10,y1), z1)),y1*1, z1*2) As line
	FROM generate_series(-3,6) x1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(2,5) y1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(1,10) z1
	WHERE x1 > y1*0.75 AND z1 < x1*y1) As f
ON (ST_Area(e.buff) > 78 AND ST_Contains(e.buff, f.line))
GROUP BY gid, e.buff) As quintuplet_experiment
WHERE ST_IsValid(geom) = false

 gid  |      reason       |  location
 5330 | Self-intersection | POINT(32 5)
 5340 | Self-intersection | POINT(42 5)
 5350 | Self-intersection | POINT(52 5)

 --simple example
SELECT * FROM ST_IsValidDetail('LINESTRING(220227 150406,2220227 150407,222020 150410)');

 valid | reason | location
 t     |        |


See Also

ST_IsValid, ST_IsValidReason