ST_Extent — Aggregate function that returns the bounding box of geometries.


box2d ST_Extent(geometry set geomfield);


An aggregate function that returns a box2d bounding box that bounds a set of geometries.

The bounding box coordinates are in the spatial reference system of the input geometries.

ST_Extent is similar in concept to Oracle Spatial/Locator's SDO_AGGR_MBR.


ST_Extent returns boxes with only X and Y ordinates even with 3D geometries. To return XYZ ordinates use ST_3DExtent.


The returned box3d value does not include a SRID. Use ST_SetSRID to convert it into a geometry with SRID metadata. The SRID is the same as the input geometries.

Enhanced: 2.0.0 support for Polyhedral surfaces, Triangles and TIN was introduced.

This function supports Polyhedral surfaces.

This function supports Triangles and Triangulated Irregular Network Surfaces (TIN).



Examples below use Massachusetts State Plane ft (SRID=2249)

SELECT ST_Extent(geom) as bextent FROM sometable;
BOX(739651.875 2908247.25,794875.8125 2970042.75)

--Return extent of each category of geometries
SELECT ST_Extent(geom) as bextent
FROM sometable
GROUP BY category ORDER BY category;

					  bextent                       |         name
 BOX(778783.5625 2951741.25,794875.8125 2970042.75) | A
 BOX(751315.8125 2919164.75,765202.6875 2935417.25) | B
 BOX(739651.875 2917394.75,756688.375 2935866)      | C

 --Force back into a geometry
 -- and render the extended text representation of that geometry
SELECT ST_SetSRID(ST_Extent(geom),2249) as bextent FROM sometable;

 SRID=2249;POLYGON((739651.875 2908247.25,739651.875 2970042.75,794875.8125 2970042.75,
 794875.8125 2908247.25,739651.875 2908247.25))

See Also

ST_3DExtent, ST_SetSRID