ST_ChaikinSmoothing — Returns a smoothed version of a geometry, using the Chaikin algorithm


geometry ST_ChaikinSmoothing(geometry geom, integer nIterations = 1, boolean preserveEndPoints = false);


Returns a "smoothed" version of the given geometry using the Chaikin algorithm. See Chaikins-Algorithm for an explanation of the process. For each iteration the number of vertex points will double. The function puts new vertex points at 1/4 of the line before and after each point and removes the original point. To reduce the number of points use one of the simplification functions on the result. The new points gets interpolated values for all included dimensions, also z and m.

Second argument, number of iterations is limited to max 5 iterations

Note third argument is only valid for polygons, and will be ignored for linestrings

This function handles 3D and the third dimension will affect the result.


Note that returned geometry will get more points than the original. To reduce the number of points again use one of the simplification functions on the result. (see ST_Simplify and ST_SimplifyVW)

Availability: 2.5.0


A triangle is smoothed

select ST_AsText(ST_ChaikinSmoothing(geom)) smoothed
FROM (SELECT  'POLYGON((0 0, 8 8, 0 16, 0 0))'::geometry geom) As foo;
│                 smoothed                  │
│ POLYGON((2 2,6 6,6 10,2 14,0 12,0 4,2 2)) │

See Also

ST_Simplify, ST_SimplifyVW