ST_AsLatLonText — Return the Degrees, Minutes, Seconds representation of the given point.


text ST_AsLatLonText(geometry pt, text format='');


Returns the Degrees, Minutes, Seconds representation of the point.


It is assumed the point is in a lat/lon projection. The X (lon) and Y (lat) coordinates are normalized in the output to the "normal" range (-180 to +180 for lon, -90 to +90 for lat).

The text parameter is a format string containing the format for the resulting text, similar to a date format string. Valid tokens are "D" for degrees, "M" for minutes, "S" for seconds, and "C" for cardinal direction (NSEW). DMS tokens may be repeated to indicate desired width and precision ("SSS.SSSS" means " 1.0023").

"M", "S", and "C" are optional. If "C" is omitted, degrees are shown with a "-" sign if south or west. If "S" is omitted, minutes will be shown as decimal with as many digits of precision as you specify. If "M" is also omitted, degrees are shown as decimal with as many digits precision as you specify.

If the format string is omitted (or zero-length) a default format will be used.

Availability: 2.0


Default format.

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-3.2342342 -2.32498)'));
 2°19'29.928"S 3°14'3.243"W

Providing a format (same as the default).

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-3.2342342 -2.32498)', 'D°M''S.SSS"C'));
 2°19'29.928"S 3°14'3.243"W

Characters other than D, M, S, C and . are just passed through.

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-3.2342342 -2.32498)', 'D degrees, M minutes, S seconds to the C'));
 2 degrees, 19 minutes, 30 seconds to the S 3 degrees, 14 minutes, 3 seconds to the W

Signed degrees instead of cardinal directions.

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-3.2342342 -2.32498)', 'D°M''S.SSS"'));
 -2°19'29.928" -3°14'3.243"

Decimal degrees.

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-3.2342342 -2.32498)', 'D.DDDD degrees C'));
 2.3250 degrees S 3.2342 degrees W

Excessively large values are normalized.

SELECT (ST_AsLatLonText('POINT (-302.2342342 -792.32498)'));
 72°19'29.928"S 57°45'56.757"E