ST_AddEdgeModFace — Add a new edge and, if in doing so it splits a face, modify the original face and add a new face.


integer ST_AddEdgeModFace(varchar atopology, integer anode, integer anothernode, geometry acurve);


Add a new edge and, if doing so splits a face, modify the original face and add a new one.


If possible, the new face will be created on left side of the new edge. This will not be possible if the face on the left side will need to be the Universe face (unbounded).

Returns the id of the newly added edge.

Updates all existing joined edges and relationships accordingly.

If any arguments are null, the given nodes are unknown (must already exist in the node table of the topology schema) , the acurve is not a LINESTRING, the anode and anothernode are not the start and endpoints of acurve then an error is thrown.

If the spatial reference system (srid) of the acurve geometry is not the same as the topology an exception is thrown.

Availability: 2.0

This method implements the SQL/MM specification. SQL-MM: Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 3: Routine Details: X.3.13


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