PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade — Packages and upgrades PostGIS extensions (e.g. postgis_raster, postgis_topology, postgis_sfcgal) to latest available version.


text PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();


Packages and upgrades PostGIS extensions to latest version. Only extensions you have installed in the database will be packaged and upgraded if needed. Reports full PostGIS version and build configuration infos after. This is short-hand for doing multiple CREATE EXTENSION .. FROM unpackaged and ALTER EXTENSION .. UPDATE for each PostGIS extension. Currently only tries to upgrade extensions postgis, postgis_raster, postgis_sfcgal, postgis_topology, and postgis_tiger_geocoder.

Availability: 2.5.0


Changed: 3.0.0 to repackage loose extensions and support postgis_raster.


SELECT PostGIS_Extensions_Upgrade();
NOTICE:  Packaging extension postgis
NOTICE:  Packaging extension postgis_raster
NOTICE:  Packaging extension postgis_sfcgal
NOTICE:  Extension postgis_topology is not available or not packagable for some reason
NOTICE:  Extension postgis_tiger_geocoder is not available or not packagable for some reason

 Upgrade completed, run SELECT postgis_full_version(); for details
(1 row)

See Also

Section 3.4, “Upgrading spatial databases”, PostGIS_GEOS_Version, PostGIS_Lib_Version, PostGIS_LibXML_Version, PostGIS_PROJ_Version, PostGIS_Version