ST_IsValidDetail — Returns a valid_detail (valid,reason,location) row stating if a geometry is valid or not and if not valid, a reason why and a location where.


valid_detail ST_IsValidDetail(geometry geom);

valid_detail ST_IsValidDetail(geometry geom, integer flags);


Returns a valid_detail row, formed by a boolean (valid) stating if a geometry is valid, a varchar (reason) stating a reason why it is invalid and a geometry (location) pointing out where it is invalid.

Useful to substitute and improve the combination of ST_IsValid and ST_IsValidReason to generate a detailed report of invalid geometries.

The 'flags' argument is a bitfield. It can have the following values:

  • 1: Consider self-intersecting rings forming holes as valid. This is also know as "the ESRI flag". Note that this is against the OGC model.

Availability: 2.0.0 - requires GEOS >= 3.3.0.


--First 3 Rejects from a successful quintuplet experiment
SELECT gid, reason(ST_IsValidDetail(the_geom)), ST_AsText(location(ST_IsValidDetail(the_geom))) as location
(SELECT ST_MakePolygon(ST_ExteriorRing(e.buff), ST_Accum(f.line)) As the_geom, gid
FROM (SELECT ST_Buffer(ST_MakePoint(x1*10,y1), z1) As buff, x1*10 + y1*100 + z1*1000 As gid
	FROM generate_series(-4,6) x1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(2,5) y1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(1,8) z1
	WHERE x1 > y1*0.5 AND z1 < x1*y1) As e
	INNER JOIN (SELECT ST_Translate(ST_ExteriorRing(ST_Buffer(ST_MakePoint(x1*10,y1), z1)),y1*1, z1*2) As line
	FROM generate_series(-3,6) x1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(2,5) y1
	CROSS JOIN generate_series(1,10) z1
	WHERE x1 > y1*0.75 AND z1 < x1*y1) As f
ON (ST_Area(e.buff) > 78 AND ST_Contains(e.buff, f.line))
GROUP BY gid, e.buff) As quintuplet_experiment
WHERE ST_IsValid(the_geom) = false

 gid  |      reason       |  location
 5330 | Self-intersection | POINT(32 5)
 5340 | Self-intersection | POINT(42 5)
 5350 | Self-intersection | POINT(52 5)

 --simple example
SELECT * FROM ST_IsValidDetail('LINESTRING(220227 150406,2220227 150407,222020 150410)');

 valid | reason | location
 t     |        |


See Also

ST_IsValid, ST_IsValidReason