ST_ClipByBox2D — Returns the portion of a geometry falling within a rectangle.


geometry ST_ClipByBox2D(geometry geom, box2d box);


Clips a geometry by a 2D box in a fast but possibly dirty way. The output geometry is not guaranteed to be valid (self-intersections for a polygon may be introduced). Topologically invalid input geometries do not result in exceptions being thrown.

Performed by the GEOS module.


Requires GEOS 3.5.0+

Availability: 2.2.0 - requires GEOS >= 3.5.0.


-- Rely on implicit cast from geometry to box2d for the second parameter
SELECT ST_ClipByBox2D(the_geom, ST_MakeEnvelope(0,0,10,10)) FROM mytab;

See Also

ST_Intersection, ST_MakeBox2D, ST_MakeEnvelope