ST_BdMPolyFromText — Construct a MultiPolygon given an arbitrary collection of closed linestrings as a MultiLineString text representation Well-Known text representation.


geometry ST_BdMPolyFromText(text WKT, integer srid);


Construct a Polygon given an arbitrary collection of closed linestrings, polygons, MultiLineStrings as Well-Known text representation.


Throws an error if WKT is not a MULTILINESTRING. Forces MULTIPOLYGON output even when result is really only composed by a single POLYGON; use ST_BdPolyFromText if you're sure a single POLYGON will result from operation, or see ST_BuildArea() for a postgis-specific approach.

This method implements the OpenGIS Simple Features Implementation Specification for SQL 1.1. s3.2.6.2

Availability: 1.1.0 - requires GEOS >= 2.1.0.



See Also

ST_BuildArea, ST_BdPolyFromText