ST_Translate — Translates the geometry to a new location using the numeric parameters as offsets. Ie: ST_Translate(geom, X, Y) or ST_Translate(geom, X, Y,Z).


geometry ST_Translate(geometry g1, float deltax, float deltay);

geometry ST_Translate(geometry g1, float deltax, float deltay, float deltaz);


Returns a new geometry whose coordinates are translated delta x,delta y,delta z units. Units are based on the units defined in spatial reference (SRID) for this geometry.


Prior to 1.3.4, this function crashes if used with geometries that contain CURVES. This is fixed in 1.3.4+

Availability: 1.2.2

This function supports 3d and will not drop the z-index.

This method supports Circular Strings and Curves


Move a point 1 degree longitude

	SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Translate(ST_GeomFromText('POINT(-71.01 42.37)',4326),1,0)) As wgs_transgeomtxt;

	POINT(-70.01 42.37)

Move a linestring 1 degree longitude and 1/2 degree latitude

SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Translate(ST_GeomFromText('LINESTRING(-71.01 42.37,-71.11 42.38)',4326),1,0.5)) As wgs_transgeomtxt;
	LINESTRING(-70.01 42.87,-70.11 42.88)

Move a 3d point

SELECT ST_AsEWKT(ST_Translate(CAST('POINT(0 0 0)' As geometry), 5, 12,3));
	POINT(5 12 3)

Move a curve and a point

SELECT ST_AsText(ST_Translate(ST_Collect('CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(4 3,3.12 0.878,1 0,-1.121 5.1213,6 7, 8 9,4 3))','POINT(1 3)'),1,2));
 GEOMETRYCOLLECTION(CURVEPOLYGON(CIRCULARSTRING(5 5,4.12 2.878,2 2,-0.121 7.1213,7 9,9 11,5 5)),POINT(2 5))

See Also

ST_Affine, ST_AsText, ST_GeomFromText