ST_GeomFromEWKB — Return a specified ST_Geometry value from Extended Well-Known Binary representation (EWKB).


geometry ST_GeomFromEWKB(bytea EWKB);


Constructs a PostGIS ST_Geometry object from the OGC Extended Well-Known binary (EWKT) representation.


The EWKB format is not an OGC standard, but a PostGIS specific format that includes the spatial reference system (SRID) identifier

This function supports 3d and will not drop the z-index.

This method supports Circular Strings and Curves


line string binary rep 0f LINESTRING(-71.160281 42.258729,-71.160837 42.259113,-71.161144 42.25932) in NAD 83 long lat (4269).


NOTE: Even though byte arrays are delimited with \ and may have ', we need to escape both out with \ and ''. So it does not look exactly like its AsEWKB representation.

SELECT ST_GeomFromEWKB(E'\\001\\002\\000\\000 \\255\\020\\000\\000\\003\\000\\000\\000\\344J=

See Also

ST_AsBinary, ST_AsEWKB, ST_GeomFromWKB