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◆ lwcollection_concat_in_place()

LWCOLLECTION* lwcollection_concat_in_place ( LWCOLLECTION col1,
const LWCOLLECTION col2 

Appends all geometries from col2 to col1 in place.

Caller is responsible to release col2.

Definition at line 240 of file lwcollection.c.

241 {
242  uint32_t i;
243  if (!col1 || !col2) return NULL;
244  for (i = 0; i < col2->ngeoms; i++)
245  col1 = lwcollection_add_lwgeom(col1, col2->geoms[i]);
246  return col1;
247 }
LWCOLLECTION * lwcollection_add_lwgeom(LWCOLLECTION *col, const LWGEOM *geom)
Appends geom to the collection managed by col.
Definition: lwcollection.c:187
uint32_t ngeoms
Definition: liblwgeom.h:510
LWGEOM ** geoms
Definition: liblwgeom.h:512
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: uthash.h:78

References LWCOLLECTION::geoms, lwcollection_add_lwgeom(), and LWCOLLECTION::ngeoms.

Referenced by lwcollection_offsetcurve().

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