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◆ lwgeom_furthest_point()

LWGEOM* lwgeom_furthest_point ( const LWGEOM lw1,
const LWGEOM lw2 

Definition at line 60 of file measures.c.

61 {
62  return lw_dist2d_distancepoint(lw1, lw2, lw1->srid, DIST_MAX);
63 }
LWGEOM * lw_dist2d_distancepoint(const LWGEOM *lw1, const LWGEOM *lw2, int srid, int mode)
Function initializing closestpoint calculations.
Definition: measures.c:131
#define DIST_MAX
Definition: measures.h:43
int32_t srid
Definition: liblwgeom.h:402

References DIST_MAX, lw_dist2d_distancepoint(), and LWGEOM::srid.

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