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◆ LWGEOM_get_srid()

Datum LWGEOM_get_srid ( PG_FUNCTION_ARGS  )

Definition at line 97 of file lwgeom_ogc.c.

References gserialized_get_srid(), LWGEOM_set_srid(), and PG_FUNCTION_INFO_V1().

98 {
100  int srid = gserialized_get_srid (geom);
101  PG_FREE_IF_COPY(geom,0);
102  PG_RETURN_INT32(srid);
103 }
int32_t gserialized_get_srid(const GSERIALIZED *s)
Extract the SRID from the serialized form (it is packed into three bytes so this is a handy function)...
Definition: g_serialized.c:100
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