PostGIS  2.5.0dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
LWGEOM* lwgeom_stroke ( const LWGEOM geom,
uint32_t  perQuad 

Definition at line 714 of file lwstroke.c.

References LW_LINEARIZE_TOLERANCE_TYPE_SEGS_PER_QUAD, and lwcurve_linearize().

Referenced by centroid(), LWGEOM2GEOS(), LWGEOM_curve_segmentize(), lwgeom_force_sfs(), and test_ptarray_unstroke().

715 {
717 }
Tolerance expresses the number of segments to use for each quarter of circle (quadrant).
Definition: liblwgeom.h:2187
LWGEOM * lwcurve_linearize(const LWGEOM *geom, double tol, LW_LINEARIZE_TOLERANCE_TYPE type, int flags)
Definition: lwstroke.c:681

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