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◆ rt_raster_set_skews()

void rt_raster_set_skews ( rt_raster  raster,
double  skewX,
double  skewY 

Set skews about the X and Y axis.

raster: the raster to set georeference of
skewX: skew about the x axis
skewY: skew about the y axis

Definition at line 168 of file rt_raster.c.

171  {
172  assert(NULL != raster);
174  raster->skewX = skewX;
175  raster->skewY = skewY;
178 }
Be careful!! Zeros function's input parameter can be a (height x width) array, not (width x height): ...
static void _rt_raster_geotransform_warn_offline_band(rt_raster raster)
Definition: rt_raster.c:95

References _rt_raster_geotransform_warn_offline_band(), and rtrowdump::raster.

Referenced by RASTER_makeEmpty(), RASTER_mapAlgebraExpr(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFct(), RASTER_mapAlgebraFctNgb(), RASTER_setSkew(), RASTER_setSkewXY(), rt_raster_compute_skewed_raster(), rt_raster_gdal_rasterize(), rt_raster_gdal_warp(), rt_raster_set_phys_params(), test_raster_convex_hull(), test_raster_from_two_rasters(), test_raster_fully_within_distance(), test_raster_geos_contains(), test_raster_geos_contains_properly(), test_raster_geos_covered_by(), test_raster_geos_covers(), test_raster_geos_overlaps(), test_raster_geos_touches(), test_raster_intersects(), test_raster_metadata(), test_raster_same_alignment(), and test_raster_within_distance().

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