PostGIS  2.5.2dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@

◆ lwt_LoadTopology()

LWT_TOPOLOGY* lwt_LoadTopology ( LWT_BE_IFACE iface,
const char *  name 

Loads an existing topology by name from the database.

ifacethe backend interface handler (see lwt_CreateBackendIface)
namename of the topology to load
the handler of the topology, or NULL on error (liblwgeom error handler will be invoked with error message)

Definition at line 483 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::be_iface, LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::be_topo, LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::hasZ, lwalloc(), lwerror(), lwt_be_lastErrorMessage(), lwt_be_loadTopologyByName(), lwt_be_topoGetPrecision(), lwt_be_topoGetSRID(), lwt_be_topoHasZ(), LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::precision, and LWT_TOPOLOGY_T::srid.

484 {
485  LWT_BE_TOPOLOGY* be_topo;
486  LWT_TOPOLOGY* topo;
488  be_topo = lwt_be_loadTopologyByName(iface, name);
489  if ( ! be_topo ) {
490  //lwerror("Could not load topology from backend: %s",
491  lwerror("%s", lwt_be_lastErrorMessage(iface));
492  return NULL;
493  }
494  topo = lwalloc(sizeof(LWT_TOPOLOGY));
495  topo->be_iface = iface;
496  topo->be_topo = be_topo;
497  topo->srid = lwt_be_topoGetSRID(topo);
498  topo->hasZ = lwt_be_topoHasZ(topo);
499  topo->precision = lwt_be_topoGetPrecision(topo);
501  return topo;
502 }
static int lwt_be_topoGetSRID(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:132
static double lwt_be_topoGetPrecision(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:138
const LWT_BE_IFACE * be_iface
Topology handler.
void * lwalloc(size_t size)
Definition: lwutil.c:229
static int lwt_be_topoHasZ(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:144
const char * lwt_be_lastErrorMessage(const LWT_BE_IFACE *be)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:120
void lwerror(const char *fmt,...)
Write a notice out to the error handler.
Definition: lwutil.c:190
LWT_BE_TOPOLOGY * lwt_be_loadTopologyByName(LWT_BE_IFACE *be, const char *name)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:126
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