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◆ lwt_AddLineNoFace()

LWT_ELEMID* lwt_AddLineNoFace ( LWT_TOPOLOGY topo,
LWLINE line,
double  tol,
int *  nedges 

Adds a linestring to the topology without determining generated faces.

The given line will snap to existing nodes or edges within given tolerance. Existing edges or faces may be split by the line.

Side faces for the new edges will not be determined and no new faces will be created, effectively leaving the topology in an invalid state (WARNING!)

topothe topology to operate on
linethe line to add
tolsnap tolerance, the topology tolerance will be used if 0
nedgesoutput parameter, will be set to number of edges the line was split into, or -1 on error (liblwgeom error handler will be invoked with error message)
an array of <nedges> edge identifiers that sewed togheter will build up the input linestring (after snapping). Caller will need to free the array using lwfree(), if not null.

Definition at line 5773 of file lwgeom_topo.c.

References _lwt_AddLine().

5774 {
5775  return _lwt_AddLine(topo, line, tol, nedges, 0);
5776 }
static LWT_ELEMID * _lwt_AddLine(LWT_TOPOLOGY *topo, LWLINE *line, double tol, int *nedges, int handleFaceSplit)
Definition: lwgeom_topo.c:5489
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