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◆ twkb_parse_state_double()

static double twkb_parse_state_double ( twkb_parse_state s,
double  factor 

Definition at line 109 of file lwin_twkb.c.

110 {
111  size_t size;
112  int64_t val = varint_s64_decode(s->pos, s->twkb_end, &size);
114  return val / factor;
115 }
char * s
Definition: cu_in_wkt.c:23
static void twkb_parse_state_advance(twkb_parse_state *s, size_t next)
Check that we are not about to read off the end of the WKB array.
Definition: lwin_twkb.c:82
int64_t varint_s64_decode(const uint8_t *the_start, const uint8_t *the_end, size_t *size)
Definition: varint.c:102

References s, twkb_parse_state_advance(), and varint_s64_decode().

Referenced by lwgeom_from_twkb_state().

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