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◆ lw_dist3d_pt_poly()

int lw_dist3d_pt_poly ( POINT3DZ p,
LWPOLY poly,
PLANE3D plane,
POINT3DZ projp,

Checking if the point projected on the plane of the polygon actually is inside that polygon.

If so the mindistance is between that projected point and our original point. If not we check from original point to the boundary. If the projected point is inside a hole of the polygon we check the distance to the boundary of that hole.

Definition at line 1040 of file measures3d.c.

References lw_dist3d_pt_pt(), lw_dist3d_pt_ptarray(), LW_TRUE, LWDEBUG, LWPOLY::nrings, pt_in_ring_3d(), and LWPOLY::rings.

Referenced by lw_dist3d_point_poly(), and lw_dist3d_ptarray_poly().

1041 {
1042  uint32_t i;
1044  LWDEBUG(2, "lw_dist3d_point_poly called");
1047  if(pt_in_ring_3d(projp, poly->rings[0], plane))
1048  {
1049  for (i=1; i<poly->nrings; i++)
1050  {
1051  /* Inside a hole. Distance = pt -> ring */
1052  if ( pt_in_ring_3d(projp, poly->rings[i], plane ))
1053  {
1054  LWDEBUG(3, " inside an hole");
1055  return lw_dist3d_pt_ptarray(p, poly->rings[i], dl);
1056  }
1057  }
1059  return lw_dist3d_pt_pt(p,projp,dl);/* If the projected point is inside the polygon the shortest distance is between that point and the inputed point*/
1060  }
1061  else
1062  {
1063  return lw_dist3d_pt_ptarray(p, poly->rings[0], dl); /*If the projected point is outside the polygon we search for the closest distance against the boundary instead*/
1064  }
1066  return LW_TRUE;
1068 }
#define LWDEBUG(level, msg)
Definition: lwgeom_log.h:83
uint32_t nrings
Definition: liblwgeom.h:458
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: uthash.h:78
#define LW_TRUE
Return types for functions with status returns.
Definition: liblwgeom.h:76
int lw_dist3d_pt_pt(POINT3DZ *thep1, POINT3DZ *thep2, DISTPTS3D *dl)
Compares incoming points and stores the points closest to each other or most far away from each other...
Definition: measures3d.c:832
Definition: liblwgeom.h:460
int pt_in_ring_3d(const POINT3DZ *p, const POINTARRAY *ring, PLANE3D *plane)
pt_in_ring_3d(): crossing number test for a point in a polygon input: p = a point, pa = vertex points of a ring V[n+1] with V[n]=V[0] plane=the plane that the vertex points are lying on returns: 0 = outside, 1 = inside
Definition: measures3d.c:1277
int lw_dist3d_pt_ptarray(POINT3DZ *p, POINTARRAY *pa, DISTPTS3D *dl)
search all the segments of pointarray to see which one is closest to p Returns distance between point...
Definition: measures3d.c:737
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