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◆ getNodeByFace

LWT_ISO_NODE*(* LWT_BE_CALLBACKS_T::getNodeByFace) (const LWT_BE_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ELEMID *faces, int *numelems, int fields, const GBOX *box)

Get isolated nodes contained in any of the given faces.

topothe topology to act upon
facesan array of face identifiers
numelemsinput/output parameter, pass number of face identifiers in the input array, gets number of nodes in output array if the return is not null, otherwise see
section for semantic. TODO: Should be uint64 to match SPI_processed
fieldsfields to be filled in the returned structure, see LWT_COL_NODE_* macros
boxoptional bounding box to further restrict matches, use NULL for no further restriction.
an array of nodes or NULL in the following cases:
  • no nod found ("numelems" is set to 0)
  • error ("numelems" is set to -1,
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Definition at line 687 of file liblwgeom_topo.h.