PostGIS  2.5.2dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@

◆ add_key()

static uint32_t add_key ( mvt_agg_context ctx,
char *  name 

Definition at line 307 of file mvt.c.

References HASH_ADD_KEYPTR, mvt_kv_key::hh, mvt_kv_key::id, mvt_agg_context::keys_hash, mvt_agg_context::keys_hash_i, and mvt_kv_key::name.

Referenced by parse_column_keys(), and parse_jsonb().

308 {
309  struct mvt_kv_key *kv;
310  size_t size = strlen(name);
311  kv = palloc(sizeof(*kv));
312  kv->id = ctx->keys_hash_i++;
313  kv->name = name;
314  HASH_ADD_KEYPTR(hh, ctx->keys_hash, name, size, kv);
315  return kv->id;
316 }
#define HASH_ADD_KEYPTR(hh, head, keyptr, keylen_in, add)
Definition: uthash.h:329
uint32_t id
Definition: mvt.c:59
uint32_t keys_hash_i
Definition: mvt.h:77
Definition: mvt.c:56
struct mvt_kv_key * keys_hash
Definition: mvt.h:69
UT_hash_handle hh
Definition: mvt.c:60
char * name
Definition: mvt.c:58
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