PostGIS  2.5.0dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
double lwpoly_perimeter_2d ( const LWPOLY poly)

Compute the sum of polygon rings length (forcing 2d computation).

Could use a more numerically stable calculator...

Definition at line 490 of file lwpoly.c.

References LWDEBUGF, LWPOLY::nrings, ptarray_length_2d(), and LWPOLY::rings.

Referenced by lwgeom_perimeter_2d().

491 {
492  double result=0.0;
493  uint32_t i;
495  LWDEBUGF(2, "in lwgeom_polygon_perimeter (%d rings)", poly->nrings);
497  for (i=0; i<poly->nrings; i++)
498  result += ptarray_length_2d(poly->rings[i]);
500  return result;
501 }
double ptarray_length_2d(const POINTARRAY *pts)
Find the 2d length of the given POINTARRAY (even if it's 3d)
Definition: ptarray.c:1682
uint32_t nrings
Definition: liblwgeom.h:454
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: uthash.h:78
Definition: liblwgeom.h:456
#define LWDEBUGF(level, msg,...)
Definition: lwgeom_log.h:88

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