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◆ lwcircstring_length_2d()

double lwcircstring_length_2d ( const LWCIRCSTRING circ)

Definition at line 281 of file lwcircstring.c.

References lwcircstring_is_empty(), LWCIRCSTRING::points, and ptarray_arc_length_2d().

Referenced by lwcircstring_length(), and lwgeom_length_2d().

282 {
283  if ( lwcircstring_is_empty(circ) )
284  return 0.0;
286  return ptarray_arc_length_2d(circ->points);
287 }
double ptarray_arc_length_2d(const POINTARRAY *pts)
Find the 2d length of the given POINTARRAY, using circular arc interpolation between each coordinate ...
Definition: ptarray.c:1662
Definition: liblwgeom.h:446
int lwcircstring_is_empty(const LWCIRCSTRING *circ)
Definition: lwcircstring.c:269
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