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◆ rt_install_default_allocators()

void rt_install_default_allocators ( void  )

Useful in raster core testing and in the (future) loader, when we need to use raster core functions but we don't have PostgreSQL backend behind.

We must take care of memory by ourselves in those situations

Definition at line 135 of file rt_context.c.

References rt_context_t::alloc, rt_context_t::dealloc, default_rt_allocator(), default_rt_deallocator(), default_rt_error_handler(), default_rt_info_handler(), default_rt_reallocator(), default_rt_warning_handler(), rt_context_t::err, rt_context_t::info, rt_context_t::realloc, and rt_context_t::warn.

136 {
143 }
void default_rt_info_handler(const char *fmt, va_list ap)
Definition: rt_context.c:93
void * default_rt_reallocator(void *mem, size_t size)
Definition: rt_context.c:54
void * default_rt_allocator(size_t size)
The default memory/logging handlers installed by lwgeom_install_default_allocators() ...
Definition: rt_context.c:47
void default_rt_deallocator(void *mem)
Definition: rt_context.c:61
void default_rt_warning_handler(const char *fmt, va_list ap)
Definition: rt_context.c:80
static struct rt_context_t ctx_t
Definition: rt_context.c:118
rt_message_handler info
Definition: rt_context.c:114
rt_message_handler warn
Definition: rt_context.c:113
rt_reallocator realloc
Definition: rt_context.c:110
rt_deallocator dealloc
Definition: rt_context.c:111
rt_message_handler err
Definition: rt_context.c:112
rt_allocator alloc
Definition: rt_context.c:109
void default_rt_error_handler(const char *fmt, va_list ap)
Definition: rt_context.c:67
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