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◆ lwpointiterator_create()

LWPOINTITERATOR* lwpointiterator_create ( const LWGEOM g)

Create a new LWPOINTITERATOR over supplied LWGEOM*.

Definition at line 244 of file lwiterator.c.

References LWPOINTITERATOR::allow_modification, LW_FALSE, and lwpointiterator_create_rw().

Referenced by count_points_using_iterator(), lwgeom_calculate_mbc(), lwgeom_get_geos_coordseq_2d(), lwline_from_lwgeom_array(), lwmpoint_from_lwgeom(), mbc_test(), test_cannot_modify_read_only(), test_mixed_rw_access(), test_modification(), test_no_memory_leaked_when_iterator_is_partially_used(), and test_ordering().

245 {
249  return it;
250 }
#define LW_FALSE
Definition: liblwgeom.h:77
char allow_modification
Definition: lwiterator.c:49
LWPOINTITERATOR * lwpointiterator_create_rw(LWGEOM *g)
Create a new LWPOINTITERATOR over supplied LWGEOM* Supports modification of coordinates during iterat...
Definition: lwiterator.c:253
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