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◆ lw_pt_in_arc()

int lw_pt_in_arc ( const POINT2D P,
const POINT2D A1,
const POINT2D A2,
const POINT2D A3 

Returns true if P is on the same side of the plane partition defined by A1/A3 as A2 is.

Only makes sense if P has already been determined to be on the circle defined by A1/A2/A3.

Definition at line 85 of file lwalgorithm.c.

References lw_segment_side().

Referenced by lw_dist2d_arc_arc(), lw_dist2d_pt_arc(), lw_dist2d_seg_arc(), and ptarrayarc_contains_point_partial().

86 {
87  return lw_segment_side(A1, A3, A2) == lw_segment_side(A1, A3, P);
88 }
int lw_segment_side(const POINT2D *p1, const POINT2D *p2, const POINT2D *q)
Definition: lwalgorithm.c:64
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