PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@

◆ union_dbscan()

int union_dbscan ( LWGEOM **  geoms,
uint32_t  num_geoms,
double  eps,
uint32_t  min_points,
char **  in_a_cluster_ret 

Definition at line 510 of file lwgeom_geos_cluster.c.

References union_dbscan_general(), and union_dbscan_minpoints_1().

Referenced by cluster_within_distance(), do_dbscan_test(), and ST_ClusterDBSCAN().

511 {
512  if (min_points <= 1)
513  return union_dbscan_minpoints_1(geoms, num_geoms, uf, eps, in_a_cluster_ret);
514  else
515  return union_dbscan_general(geoms, num_geoms, uf, eps, min_points, in_a_cluster_ret);
516 }
static int union_dbscan_general(LWGEOM **geoms, uint32_t num_geoms, UNIONFIND *uf, double eps, uint32_t min_points, char **in_a_cluster_ret)
static int union_dbscan_minpoints_1(LWGEOM **geoms, uint32_t num_geoms, UNIONFIND *uf, double eps, char **in_a_cluster_ret)
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