PostGIS  2.4.9dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@

◆ rt_band_get_ownsdata_flag()

int rt_band_get_ownsdata_flag ( rt_band  band)

Return 0 (FALSE) or non-zero (TRUE) indicating if rt_band is responsible for managing the memory for band data.

band: the band
non-zero indicates that rt_band manages the memory allocated for band data

Definition at line 526 of file rt_band.c.

References rt_band_t::ownsdata.

Referenced by raster_destroy(), test_band_metadata(), test_band_pixtype_16BSI(), test_band_pixtype_16BUI(), test_band_pixtype_1BB(), test_band_pixtype_2BUI(), test_band_pixtype_32BF(), test_band_pixtype_32BSI(), test_band_pixtype_32BUI(), test_band_pixtype_4BUI(), test_band_pixtype_64BF(), test_band_pixtype_8BSI(), and test_band_pixtype_8BUI().

526  {
527  assert(NULL != band);
529  return band->ownsdata ? 1 : 0;
530 }
int8_t ownsdata
Definition: librtcore.h:2273
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