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int(* LWT_BE_CALLBACKS_T::updateNodes) (const LWT_BE_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ISO_NODE *sel_node, int sel_fields, const LWT_ISO_NODE *upd_node, int upd_fields, const LWT_ISO_NODE *exc_node, int exc_fields)

Update nodes selected by fields match/mismatch.

topothe topology to act upon
sel_nodean LWT_ISO_NODE object with selecting fields set.
sel_fieldsfields used to select nodes to be updated, see LWT_COL_NODE_* macros
upd_nodean LWT_ISO_NODE object with updated fields set.
upd_fieldsfields to be updated for the selected nodes, see LWT_COL_NODE_* macros
exc_nodean LWT_ISO_NODE object with exclusion fields set, can be NULL if no exlusion condition exists.
exc_fieldsfields used for excluding nodes from the update, see LWT_COL_NODE_* macros
number of nodes being updated or -1 on error (
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Definition at line 522 of file liblwgeom_topo.h.