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◆ getNodeByFace

LWT_ISO_NODE*(* LWT_BE_CALLBACKS_T::getNodeByFace) (const LWT_BE_TOPOLOGY *topo, const LWT_ELEMID *faces, int *numelems, int fields, const GBOX *box)

Get isolated nodes contained in any of the given faces.

topothe topology to act upon
facesan array of face identifiers
numelemsinput/output parameter, pass number of face identifiers in the input array, gets number of nodes in output array if the return is not null, otherwise see
section for semantic.
fieldsfields to be filled in the returned structure, see LWT_COL_NODE_* macros
boxoptional bounding box to further restrict matches, use NULL for no further restriction.
an array of nodes or NULL in the following cases:
  • no nod found ("numelems" is set to 0)
  • error ("numelems" is set to -1,
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Definition at line 677 of file liblwgeom_topo.h.