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◆ lw_dist2d_poly_curvepoly()

int lw_dist2d_poly_curvepoly ( LWPOLY poly1,
LWCURVEPOLY curvepoly2,

Definition at line 918 of file measures.c.

References lw_dist2d_curvepoly_curvepoly(), lwcurvepoly_construct_from_lwpoly(), and lwgeom_free().

Referenced by lw_dist2d_distribute_bruteforce().

919 {
920  LWCURVEPOLY *curvepoly1 = lwcurvepoly_construct_from_lwpoly(poly1);
921  int rv = lw_dist2d_curvepoly_curvepoly(curvepoly1, curvepoly2, dl);
922  lwgeom_free((LWGEOM*)curvepoly1);
923  return rv;
924 }
void lwgeom_free(LWGEOM *geom)
Definition: lwgeom.c:1099
int lw_dist2d_curvepoly_curvepoly(LWCURVEPOLY *poly1, LWCURVEPOLY *poly2, DISTPTS *dl)
Definition: measures.c:970
LWCURVEPOLY * lwcurvepoly_construct_from_lwpoly(LWPOLY *lwpoly)
Construct an equivalent curve polygon from a polygon.
Definition: lwcurvepoly.c:53
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