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◆ GetPrepGeomCache()

PrepGeomCache* GetPrepGeomCache ( FunctionCallInfo  fcinfo,

Given a couple potential geometries and a function call context, return a prepared structure for one of them, if such a structure doesn't already exist.

If it doesn't exist, and there is a cache hit, ensure that the structure is built for next time. Most of the work is done by the GetGeomCache generic function, but we pass in call-backs to handle building and freeing the GEOS PreparedGeometry structures we need for this particular caching strategy.

Definition at line 466 of file lwgeom_geos_prepared.c.

Referenced by contains(), containsproperly(), covers(), and geos_intersects().

467 {
468  return (PrepGeomCache*)GetGeomCache(fcinfo, &PrepGeomCacheMethods, g1, g2);
469 }
static GeomCacheMethods PrepGeomCacheMethods
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