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◆ lwline_from_wkb_state()

static LWLINE* lwline_from_wkb_state ( wkb_parse_state s)

LINESTRING Read a WKB linestring, starting just after the endian byte, type number and optional srid number.

Advance the parse state forward appropriately. There is only one pointarray in a linestring. Optionally check for minimal following of rules (two point minimum).

Definition at line 444 of file lwin_wkb.c.

References wkb_parse_state::check, wkb_parse_state::has_m, wkb_parse_state::has_z, LW_PARSER_CHECK_MINPOINTS, lwerror(), lwline_construct(), lwline_construct_empty(), wkb_parse_state::lwtype, lwtype_name(), POINTARRAY::npoints, ptarray_free(), ptarray_from_wkb_state(), and wkb_parse_state::srid.

Referenced by lwgeom_from_wkb_state().

445 {
448  if( pa == NULL || pa->npoints == 0 )
449  {
450  ptarray_free(pa);
451  return lwline_construct_empty(s->srid, s->has_z, s->has_m);
452  }
454  if( s->check & LW_PARSER_CHECK_MINPOINTS && pa->npoints < 2 )
455  {
456  lwerror("%s must have at least two points", lwtype_name(s->lwtype));
457  return NULL;
458  }
460  return lwline_construct(s->srid, NULL, pa);
461 }
static POINTARRAY * ptarray_from_wkb_state(wkb_parse_state *s)
POINTARRAY Read a dynamically sized point array and advance the parse state forward.
Definition: lwin_wkb.c:329
LWLINE * lwline_construct_empty(int srid, char hasz, char hasm)
Definition: lwline.c:64
int npoints
Definition: liblwgeom.h:371
Parser check flags.
Definition: liblwgeom.h:2008
uint32_t lwtype
Definition: lwin_wkb.c:41
void ptarray_free(POINTARRAY *pa)
Definition: ptarray.c:330
const char * lwtype_name(uint8_t type)
Return the type name string associated with a type number (e.g.
Definition: lwutil.c:218
LWLINE * lwline_construct(int srid, GBOX *bbox, POINTARRAY *points)
Definition: lwline.c:42
uint32_t srid
Definition: lwin_wkb.c:42
void lwerror(const char *fmt,...)
Write a notice out to the error handler.
Definition: lwutil.c:190
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