PostGIS  2.3.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static void empty_to_wkt_sb ( stringbuffer_t sb)

Definition at line 69 of file lwout_wkt.c.

References stringbuffer_append(), and stringbuffer_lastchar().

Referenced by lwcircstring_to_wkt_sb(), lwcollection_to_wkt_sb(), lwcompound_to_wkt_sb(), lwcurvepoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwline_to_wkt_sb(), lwmcurve_to_wkt_sb(), lwmline_to_wkt_sb(), lwmpoint_to_wkt_sb(), lwmpoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwmsurface_to_wkt_sb(), lwpoint_to_wkt_sb(), lwpoly_to_wkt_sb(), lwpsurface_to_wkt_sb(), lwtin_to_wkt_sb(), and lwtriangle_to_wkt_sb().

70 {
71  if ( ! strchr(" ,(", stringbuffer_lastchar(sb)) ) /* "EMPTY" */
72  {
73  stringbuffer_append(sb, " ");
74  }
75  stringbuffer_append(sb, "EMPTY");
76 }
void stringbuffer_append(stringbuffer_t *s, const char *a)
Append the specified string to the stringbuffer_t.
Definition: stringbuffer.c:134
char stringbuffer_lastchar(stringbuffer_t *s)
Return the last character in the buffer.
Definition: stringbuffer.c:122

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