PostGIS  2.3.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static int nd_box_merge ( const ND_BOX source,
ND_BOX target 

Create a printable view of the ND_STATS histogram.

Caller is responsible for freeing. Currently only prints first two dimensions.Expand the bounds of target to include source

Definition at line 494 of file gserialized_estimate.c.

References ND_BOX_T::max, ND_BOX_T::min, ND_DIMS, and TRUE.

Referenced by compute_gserialized_stats_mode().

495 {
496  int d;
497  for ( d = 0; d < ND_DIMS; d++ )
498  {
499  target->min[d] = Min(target->min[d], source->min[d]);
500  target->max[d] = Max(target->max[d], source->max[d]);
501  }
502  return TRUE;
503 }
#define ND_DIMS
The maximum number of dimensions our code can handle.
float4 max[ND_DIMS]
float4 min[ND_DIMS]
#define TRUE
Definition: dbfopen.c:169

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