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◆ LWGEOM_isclosed()

Datum LWGEOM_isclosed ( PG_FUNCTION_ARGS  )

Definition at line 939 of file lwgeom_ogc.c.

References lwgeom_free(), lwgeom_from_gserialized(), and lwgeom_is_closed().

Referenced by LWGEOM_asBinary().

940 {
942  LWGEOM *lwgeom = lwgeom_from_gserialized(geom);
943  int closed = lwgeom_is_closed(lwgeom);
945  lwgeom_free(lwgeom);
946  PG_FREE_IF_COPY(geom, 0);
947  PG_RETURN_BOOL(closed);
948 }
int lwgeom_is_closed(const LWGEOM *geom)
Return true or false depending on whether a geometry is a linear feature that closes on itself...
Definition: lwgeom.c:960
LWGEOM * lwgeom_from_gserialized(const GSERIALIZED *g)
Allocate a new LWGEOM from a GSERIALIZED.
void lwgeom_free(LWGEOM *geom)
Definition: lwgeom.c:1063
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