PostGIS  2.3.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
static void do_gml2_unsupported ( char *  in,
char *  out 

Definition at line 132 of file cu_out_gml.c.

References cu_error_msg, cu_error_msg_reset(), LW_PARSER_CHECK_NONE, lwfree(), lwgeom_free(), lwgeom_from_wkt(), and lwgeom_to_gml2().

Referenced by out_gml_test_geoms().

133 {
134  LWGEOM *g;
135  char *h;
138  h = lwgeom_to_gml2(g, NULL, 0, "");
140  if (strcmp(cu_error_msg, out))
141  fprintf(stderr, "\nGML 2 - In: %s\nOut: %s\nTheo: %s\n",
142  in, cu_error_msg, out);
143  CU_ASSERT_STRING_EQUAL(out, cu_error_msg);
146  lwfree(h);
147  lwgeom_free(g);
148 }
char * lwgeom_to_gml2(const LWGEOM *geom, const char *srs, int precision, const char *prefix)
VERSION GML 2 takes a GEOMETRY and returns a GML2 representation.
Definition: lwout_gml.c:231
void lwfree(void *mem)
Definition: lwutil.c:242
void lwgeom_free(LWGEOM *geom)
Definition: lwgeom.c:1063
LWGEOM * lwgeom_from_wkt(const char *wkt, const char check)
Definition: lwin_wkt.c:904
Definition: liblwgeom.h:1985
void cu_error_msg_reset()
char cu_error_msg[MAX_CUNIT_ERROR_LENGTH+1]

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