PostGIS  2.3.7dev-r@@SVN_REVISION@@
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPCreate ( const char *  pszShapeFile,
int  nShapeType 

Definition at line 828 of file shpopen.c.

References SASetupDefaultHooks(), and SHPCreateLL().

Referenced by ShpDumperOpenTable().

830 {
831  SAHooks sHooks;
833  SASetupDefaultHooks( &sHooks );
835  return SHPCreateLL( pszLayer, nShapeType, &sHooks );
836 }
SHPHandle SHPAPI_CALL SHPCreateLL(const char *pszLayer, int nShapeType, SAHooks *psHooks)
Definition: shpopen.c:846
void SASetupDefaultHooks(SAHooks *psHooks)
Definition: safileio.c:194

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