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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CareanodeThis structure is placed in an array with one member per point
 Ccirc_nodeNote that p1 and p2 are pointers into an independent POINTARRAY, do not free them
 CDISTANCE_ORDERHolder for sorting points in distance algorithm
 CDISTPTSStructure used in distance-calculations
 CDISTPTS3DStructure used in distance-calculations
 CEFFECTIVE_AREASStructure to hold pointarray and it's arealist
 CGEOGRAPHIC_EDGETwo-point great circle segment from a to b
 CGEOGRAPHIC_POINTPoint in spherical coordinates on the world
 Cgridspec_tSnap to grid
 CLWT_BE_CALLBACKS_TStructure containing base backend callbacks
 CLWT_TOPOERR_TTopology error
 CMINHEAPThis structure holds a minheap tree that is used to keep track of what points that has the smallest effective area
 CND_BOX_TN-dimensional box type for calculations, to avoid doing explicit axis conversions from GBOX in all calculations at every step
 CND_IBOX_TN-dimensional box index type
 CND_STATS_TN-dimensional statistics structure
 Cpgis_absTo pass the internal ArrayBuildState pointer between the transfn and finalfn we need to wrap it into a custom type first, the pgis_abs type in our case
 Crt_context_tStruct definition here
 Crt_raster_serialized_tStruct definitions
 CRTREE_INTERVALRepresentation for the y-axis interval spanned by an edge
 Crtree_nodeThe following struct and methods are used for a 1D RTree implementation, described at:
 CRTREE_POLY_CACHEThe tree structure used for fast P-i-P tests by point_in_multipolygon_rtree()
 Cstruct_lwgeom_parser_resultParser result structure: returns the result of attempting to convert (E)WKT/(E)WKB to LWGEOM
 Ctwkb_parse_stateUsed for passing the parse state between the parsing functions
 Cwkb_parse_stateUsed for passing the parse state between the parsing functions